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What passengers can do:

Be Aware …These events occur. Look at the page, 'the problem', to understand the problem and the symptoms of exposure.

Report Fumes …
Report all instances of contaminated air / fumes to the Captain, however insignificant you may feel they are. The Captain is the person who needs to know, make sure he does. Simply telling the crew may not result in the Captain ever knowing - people forget. Take note of the flight number, aircraft type and registration. Keep a record of the event.

Inform …
Inform people who have been exposed to contaminated air. If you tell no one nothing will ever get done. Everybody is depending on each other to bring about clean air on aircraft.

Inform the following:

  • The aviation regulator in your country (in the USA, the Federal Aviation Administration; in the UK, the Civil Aviation Authority; in Australia, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority; in Canada, Transport Canada; Contact details on their websites)
  • Your doctor - if you suffer any symptoms as listed here during or within weeks of the event(s)
  • The airline. Expect them to brush you off. Be persistent
  • Aerotoxic Association (http://www.aerotoxic.org)
  • Your political representative (MP or Senator)
  • Fellow passengers


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BA safety chief reveals cabin fumes have ability to 'incapacitate' flyers

A BRITISH Airways boss has admitted passengers and crew can be hurt by toxic fumes on flights.

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